I'm Jeremy Derrick and I run my homeopathic and allergy practice from my home in Shrewsbury. I have been a practicing homeopath for over 20 years.

Call 07989 613150 or 01743 245985 or email jeremy@shrewsburyhomeopath.co.uk

If you'd like to try homeopathy but you're just not sure...

Jeremy can offer you a 15 minute free consultation...

...you can ask him questions and see for yourself whether homeopathy is for you.

If it's not easy for you to get to appointments in the week then Jeremy offers Saturday appointments too - at no extra cost.

  • initial appointment £50
  • follow-up appointments £45

What are the benefits to you of using homeopathy?

Some thoughts from a homeopath... I would like a visit to me to become as common as a visit to the dentist or chiropractor. There should be no fear around this providing the homeopath you choose is qualified and registered; after all you are choosing a system of natural medicine which has been around for over two hundred years. Also, importantly, homeopathy is free from side effects and non addictive. Looking forward to hearing from you Warmest wishes Jeremy jeremy@shrewsburyhomeopath.co.uk

How does homeopathy work?

There has been much speculation in the media about how Homeopathy works. I've used homeopathy myself for over forty years, and treated many patients. I would say that it does work though the exact mechanism is unclear. We use many things everyday without knowing how they work, for example computers and mobile phones, but we still use them without a thought. So I would say treat Homeopathy the same; use it and I am sure you will be surprised; what have you got to lose?

Homeopathy fees

£45 first consultation

£40 follow up

Includes remedies in most cases

Private Insurance can be accepted and cashback schemes such as 'Simply Health'

Another happy client...

I saw Jeremy when I was on 40mg of Nexium. The outlook was to increase the dose as time went on, I decided I did not want to go in that direction so I looked for an answer. On being recommended I got in contact with Jeremy and he started a plan to get me off the drug. We gradually increased the homeopathy and decreased the drug, and after only 10 months I am off the drug and the homeopathy and am able to eat almost anything within reason. I also look and feel better, and this is all down to Jeremy. I would not hesitate to go to him in future for help or refer him to others. I am so grateful. Gloria Hart

My training

I studied for 3 years at the College of Practical Homeopathy now in Birmingham. This included 120 hours of clinic time and also reports from 2 other homeopaths on my abilities in a clinical setting.


You can e-mail or ring me without commitment, and if after hearing how I can help you, you decide it is not for you, you have lost nothing. If however you come to me, receive treatment and get better you will wonder why you did not try it before; I hear this from grateful clients all the time. Looking forward to hearing from you,

warmest wishes,


07989 613150 or 01743 245985

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