"...helped me with..allergies, I.B.S and high blood pressure"

Beryl Williams

"very thorough, approachable and professional"

I have undoubtedly benefitted from Jeremy's expertise and meticulous approach to finding the best solution for me.

He is very thorough, approachable and professional.

Jeremy carefully explores your overall health background to tailor the remedy to your ailment, and willingly tries alternatives to boost their efficacy.

"so intuitive, a perfect listener and an innate healer...."

Having recommended Jeremy to family, friends, students, business colleagues and, frankly, anyone who sneezed in my presence, I finally got around to making an appointment for myself. How I wish I had met him years ago. He has improved my health on all levels after just three sessions. He has enormous experience and is so intuitive, a perfect listener and an innate healer. I cannot think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from a few sessions with Jeremy and it gives me great pleasure to continue to recommend him to all and sundry. Thank you so much, Suzi Rixon

"I was so relieved and pleased..."

'When I attended to see Jeremy I was feeling very tired. washed--out and emotional. I had just had a two week holiday so couldn't understand why this was. As a medical doctor qualified in traditional Uk medical ways I was unsure whether attending a homeopath was a good idea but my Mum persuaded me to give it a try.

Jeremy identified that I had been on high doses of antibiotics for several weeks and that this was probably contributing significantly to how I was feeling. He spent a lot of time gathering information about myself as a person and really looking into my symptoms. I left still not sure whether this was going to work. However after just a week of treatment I began to feel better and by the two week review I felt significantly better. Amazingly after a few more tweaks and re-adjustments to the remedies I felt back to my normal energetic self.

I was so relieved and pleased with the results that a month or so later when my teenage daughter was having sleep problems that weren't resolving I booked an appointment for her with Jeremy. Again after a thorough consultation, a remedy was issued and she is sleeping soundly. I am not sure how it works all I know is that in my circumstances it did and I wouldn't hesitate to visit Jeremy again if ever needed.' Sally Pickard

"impressed me greatly"

After over eighteen years of hard work and persistence by the medical profession a debilitating and persistent cough remained with me. I was recommended to Jeremy by a family member and within three months of commencing treatment with him my cough had lessened to a remarkable degree. Within five months it had disappeared completely and I was able to have conversations with friends and family that had previously been denied me due to severe coughing fits. The cough has, for the most part, remained at bay and there have only been minimal re-occurrences which a short course of treatment with Jeremy puts right. Although very sceptical about homeopathy in the first instance Jeremy's professional approach and ability to get to the root of the problem before recommending a course of treatment put me at ease and impressed me greatly. I have no hesitation therefore in recommending his services. PW Shrewsbury

"I am so grateful"
I saw Jeremy when I was on 40mg of Nexium, the outlook was to increase the dose as time went on. I decided I did not want to go in that direction so I looked for an answer. On being recommended I got in contact with Jeremy and he started a plan to get me off the drug. We gradually increased the homeopathy and decreased the drug. After only 10 months I am off the drug and the homeopathy and am able to eat almost anything within reason, I also look and feel better, this is all down to Jeremy. I would not hesitate to go to him in future for help or refer him to others, I am so grateful. GH.
"it made such a difference to my life"
I am an elderly lady with diverse health problems Jeremy Derrick Has been treating me for some time now took a little bit of time to find the right remedies but when did it made such a difference to my life I’m so grateful to him for his amazing care and patience Sue Green-Innes

You can e-mail or ring me without commitment, and if after hearing how I can help you, you decide it is not for you, you have lost nothing. If however you come to me, receive treatment and get better you will wonder why you did not try it before; I hear this from grateful clients all the time. Looking forward to hearing from you,

warmest wishes,


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