I'm Jeremy Derrick and I run my homeopathic and allergy practice from my home in Shrewsbury. I have been a practicing homeopath for over 20 years.

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If you'd like to try allergy testing but you're just not sure...

Jeremy can offer you a 15 minute free consultation...

...you can ask him questions and see for yourself whether allergy testing is for you.

If it's not easy for you to get to appointments in the week then Jeremy offers Saturday appointments too - at no extra cost.

  • initial appointment £50
  • follow-up appointments £45

Why test for allergies...

Allergies can show up as inflammation which can not be attributed to usual causes. It appears as skin rashes, or swellings in the joints or abdomen. There are many things that can cause an allergic reaction, some people will find they react to certain foods, others to dust or animal dander. Sometimes the allergic reaction is so sudden and dramatic, that there is little difficulty identifying what has caused it. But often allergic reactions are delayed, this is often the case when food is the problem. This can make identifying the allergen rather more difficult. Just to complicate matters, symptoms of allergy can also increase or decrease in severity depending on the patient's stress level at the time.

allergy sufferer sneezing
How the test works...

Jeremy can use muscle testing to identify your allergy. He is a member of the 'British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy', who evaluated all available techniques and decided upon this one as most suitable of all methods of detecting allergy. It is completely safe to use, the results are immediate and the patient becomes involved right from the start. It is painless and can be used to test the elderly, arthritics, small children and babies.

What treatment options do you have?...

There are many forms of allergy testing available, but few therapists are able to offer treatment other than total avoidance of the suspected allergen. This is not difficult if the offending substance happens to be pheasant, lobster or yams for example, but it is more difficult to avoid preservatives, additives, food colourings, wheat, soya, eggs etc? And it is not a very practical solution if the offending allergen happens to be pollen, car exhaust fumes, house dust mites or formaldehyde.
But using homeopathy Jeremy is able to offer you desensitisation to the allergen in question.

Using homeopathy Jeremy is able to offer you desensitisation to the allergen in question. Homeopathic treatment is totally unrelated and dissimilar to the desensitisation injections which are usually given for hayfever in hospital clinics. The treatment is given by mouth; it is free from side effects, and involves no restrictive diets.

My training

I studied for 3 years at the College of Practical Homeopathy now in Birmingham. This included 120 hours of clinic time and also reports from 2 other homeopaths on my abilities in a clinical setting.

You can e-mail or ring me without commitment, and if after hearing how I can help you, you decide it is not for you, you have lost nothing. If however you come to me, receive treatment and get better you will wonder why you did not try it before; I hear this from grateful clients all the time. Looking forward to hearing from you,

warmest wishes,


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